The Men’s Ministry at Word Life Family Church is committed to helping the spiritual growth of our men. We encourage unity and fellowship through spiritual and social activities.

Our main goal is to encourage the spiritual growth, maturity, and stability of the men at Word Life Family Church. Our purpose is to connect men to God, to their families, and to the church. The men play a very important role in the church, because they too love to work in the church and be a great help to our Pastor’s vision.

We have special activities to help us grow personally and spiritually. Throughout the year there are activities for the Men’s Ministry, which includes services, outings, seminars, and much more. It is a time not only to fellowship but also to fellowship with a purpose.

Word Life Family Church Men’s Ministry provide men with a place and time to have a feeling of belonging and to be able to easily invite a friend or a neighbor. It’s not only a time to have fun but also a time to learn how to grow spiritually and hear some straight talk and advise on becoming God’s men of purpose.